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The2H Unveils Seamless 4DX Wearable Device, PersonalSpace®

The2H Unveils Seamless 4DX Wearable Device, PersonalSpace®

Dec 6, 2023

PersonalSpace®, Honoree Winner of CES 2024 Innovation Awards, to set new horizons for Experience Entertainment.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 7, 2023 / -- In a world dominated by ever-evolving technology, innovations that enhance our daily lives are continually emerging. One such creation that has emerged is PersonalSpace®, a wearable multiple sensory haptic device that has been rewarded as Honoree Winner from the CES 2024 Innovation Award. This smart gadget is poised to enrich the way we experience and interact with the digital realm.

PersonalSpace® is a fusion of next-gen technology and human-centered design, seamlessly integrating into our lives to provide an immersive and personalized experience. The device, developed by The2H Inc., a global transmedia specialist with visionary designers and engineers, focuses on enhancing our sensory perception through multiple sensory effects running in real-time.

CES - Consumer Electronics Show is a global stage where the latest and most innovative technologies are showcased. PersonalSpace®'s recognition as an Honoree Winner at CES 2024 Innovation Awards speaks volumes about its potential to expand user interaction in various domains such as gaming, healthcare, and navigation with its seamless integration of multiple sensory inputs.

CEO of The2H Inc., Seung Hun Lee, a former creature supervisor from Industrial Light and Magic, commented “We’re thrilled to introduce an innovative technology that breaks the limits of conventional entertainment. In gaming, PersonalSpace could offer a more immersive and tactile gaming experience, blurring the lines between the virtual and physical worlds.” And added, “It could also be utilized to assist individuals with visual and auditory impairments, providing them with enhanced spatial awareness and navigation capabilities.”

Its recognition at CES 2024 is a testament to the device's potential to change the way we interact with and perceive the digital world. During the exhibition in Las Vegas from January 9~12 of 2024, The2H is going to unveil its first demonstrative version along with more surprising announcement on a new IP under development.

About The2H Inc.The2h stands as the forefront Reality Connected Technology developer, specializing in real-time immersive entertainment merged with multi-sensory effects across various visual media content. With over 30 years of expertise in crafting techniques, graphics, and VFX for Hollywood blockbuster films, THE2H ensures an unparalleled sensory experience. The Reality Connected Platform devices, PersonalSpace® and Hyperspace®, are designed to recreate sensory events, bringing virtual experiences to vivid reality. THE2H also excels across high-quality visual production, patented sensory API development, and comprehensive content and technology expertise, ensuring a full spectrum of realism. With proprietary global IPs and partnerships with renowned directors and producers worldwide, it offers not just technical solutions for future entertainment but also well-crafted content across multiple platforms, including VR, console, PC, and mobile; this blend of technical prowess and content quality sets THE2H apart from its competitors in the realm of immersive entertainment technology.

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