The2H Creative Studio

About Us

The2H is a creative studio where designs and produces high quality contents offering an unique and new entertaining experience.. Staffed with world class veterans with more than 49 years of industry experience all combined and credited to 48+ blockbuster movies, 4 attraction rides  (Transformer Ride in Universal Studios) and 3 VR premier  projects (CARNE Y ARENA), our mission is to boldly create unprecedented entertainment contents in immersive Virtual Reality world and take audience to places where no one has gone before.

Core Staffs
Seunghun Lee


Former Creature Supervisor at ILMxLAB. Seunghun Lee is an globally recognized artist with over 25 years of experience in the film industry. He has produced visual effects in animation, movie, commercial, and ride films. In his current role as Creature Supervisor for ILM, his focus is on bringing creatures to life utilizing realistic rigging, muscle, hair, and rigid simulation. He work has been featured in numerous films (28 is the current count), including Avatar, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, The Revenant, and Transformers. 

DongYeop Shin

VFX supervisor

Former  FX Supervisor at ILMxLAB.
DongShin has been working in the field of computer graphics on films, games, animation, TV series, and AR/VR projects as computer supervisor. His production experience includes, blockbuster films like Transformers, Avengers, and Oscar Winners such as Rango and Carne y Arena, He brings an extensive blend of creative and technical abilities and a deep understanding of producing high quality computer graphic.

Kwansik Kim

Head of RND

Kwansik has been graphics engineer for most of his career on in places such as Siemens PLM and most recently AMD Radeon Technology Group.His experties span a wide range of topics such as Geometric Modeling, Volume Rendering, Rendering/Texture algorithms, Ray tracing and GPU Software.He was in charge of Rendering/Texture modules for Siemens PLM NX CAD and participated in developing Radeon Pro Render at AMD. He holds MS from University of Utah and PhD from UC Santa Cruz.

Dee Lee


Dee Lee is a game specialist with almost 20 years experience in both game production and global business. With BA in Computer Science from Boston University, he has worked for all sizes of game developers and publishers in Asia and USA such as BLUESIDE, NCSoft USA and Microsoft USA. Credited as Producer or leading Project Manager for world acclaimed console, PCMMO and mobile games, he manages the production of contents and builds strategies for product commercialization.