The Reality Connected Cinema, which was introduced at CES 2022, was well-received by visitors as entertainment that can enhance the experience and immersion for audiences in the post-corona era. If you have any questions about The2H, including Reality Connected Cinema, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information at any time.

Content Introduction

The2H is a unique creative studio that develops hardware and content. we are a world-class content specialist who was involved in lots of Hollywood blockbuster films. we are creating next-generation cultural content that makes you enjoy high-quality immersive cinema experiences. We call it an "RCC( reality connected cinema) ". RCC is providing with extreme immersive experience hardware and superior quality content. Our first project " HYPERSPACE " will be planning to distribute to cinemas and all LBE locations. •Planning Intention of Content (Differentiation) - over 25 years top industry visual effects artists. - the extreme immersive simulator allows you to enjoy various experiences such as flotation, wind, heat, smell, tactile feeling, riding, hanging, puzzles, etc. - a new content business that people can experience additional immersive content that is the hidden part by the director right after movie watching. - Can be installed and replaced by modularized hardware that specialized by a certain immersive effect.

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